My Wolfpack

Well, friends, the time has come to introduce you to some members of my little growing family!

The wolfpack began when two college students met on a warm night in August of 2007. I saw him across the room, and realized I MUST go speak to this man.

Our first picture together:

Bing. Bang. Boom. We both graduated, got jobs, traveled, and moved in together.

The Boyfriend likes:

1. Grilling

2. Relaxing

3. Country Life

My wolfpack  grew by one when Jack, the 3 year old orange tabby cat, came to live with us a few months ago.

Jack likes:

1. Confining himself to small spaces:

2. Making funny faces with his mom

3. Staring off into space

1.5 weeks ago we welcomed Numero Quatro into our wolfpack, and named him Roland. It wasn’t a named pulled out of thin air.

He is named after a poem by Robert Browning that was used by Stephen King to pen the name of his title character in his career-spanning-masterwork, The Dark Tower Series.

Anyway, Roland is a 7 week old boxer/lab mix that is growing larger by the day and growing more wild and adventurous by the minute.

Current hobbies:

1. Napping with his feet sticking straight out

2. Riding in the car

3. Giving kisses

4. Snuggling

Have I mentioned I’m in love? Because I am. These three guys bring me a brand of joy I have never felt before.


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