Quick Hello and a Puppy Update

I wish I posted more regularly on here! I will try to do that.

Not much new to report. We are still working on training the new puppy. He seems to have gone a bit backwards in the way of potty training. He used to go everytime we took him out and rarely go in the house. Now the opposite seems to be going on.

Any tips from seasoned pet owners out there?

He took a big nap after a trip to the park the other day:

Confession: Most of the pictures on this blog have been taken with the camera on my phone. I would love a professional blogger worthy camera. But who has the money for that? Not I. And with a $500 pet deposit, $100 vet bills, and $100 for puppy obedience school, my budget is being stretched quite thin these days. 

So for now, you get shots of the puppy from my camera phone and less food pics because, let’s face it, my time is spent with the pup and not too much in the kitchen these days. Plus, I can’t afford too many big grocery store trips either!

A quick foodie update. I had been searching for the elusive Chocolate Oikos greek yogurt for a few weeks.

Of course I found it at my nemesis, Whole Foods. I complain about the prices, but they do have EVERYTHING I could ever want in terms of wholesome food. I had found Oikos at other places and tried the peach and honey varieties, and was pleased.

Chocolate flavor, however, I was NOT a fan of. I was surprised actually. I like chocolate. I like yogurt. Together? Not so much. Oikos yogurt is so tart/sour and it just didn’t go with the chocolate well at all. Yucky! However, I bought the 4 pack of the flavor so I gave it four genuine attempts at joy before I gave up forever.

Ways I attempted to enjoy it:

1. Plain, with a spoon

2. Stirred together and then dipped organic strawberries into it

3. HAD to add Splenda (1 tsp) so I could swallow it. Also added chopped pecans

4. Chopped pecans and Splenda again

Sorry Chocolate Oikos, you are not for me!


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