Happy Saturday! I am not usually one to post on weekends, but I have lots to share and lots of time to do it :)

The trip is going splendidly. Yesterday we tried to go play tennis but the shop was closed so we couldn’t rent any rackets and there weren’t any lying around anywhere. My grandmother’s live-in nurse cooked us all a traditional Jamaican chicken curry dinner (with the bones in!) and melted rice. It reminds me a bit of the vinegar-y sushi rice, but more mushy. It was HEAVEN. We also went to the beach (twice – it was excellent), had lunch at a restaurant right on the water, ate greasy local-fan-favorite pizza, and enjoyed some adult beverages. (If you are counting, yes, we ate four full meals yesterday). We also spent a lot of time chit chatting with my family. My uncle, aunt, second cousin, grandmother, and parents are all here. My one and only first cousin got into town today and we will see her later today at my grandmother’s birthday party. She also has about 20 or so of her local friends coming! Maybe things will get rowdy??

I started out this morning at the hotel gym (2 days in a row – I am so proud of myself!!) with an easy 10 minutes of yoga and stretching. Then my mom and I ate a leisurely breakfast. I had half a bowl of raisin bran cereal with fat free milk, a banana, coffee, orange juice, apple juice, a mini-omlette, and an english muffin with a little butter. I also had coffee. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and I have been doing a bit of indulging at the free hotel breakfast. I plan to take it a little easier tomorrow morning. :) The boyfriend would always rather sleep instead of waking up early for breakfast. I’ll never understand that. Ha! I just feel like you so rarely have the chance to eat a long, leisurely breakfast. During the week everything is so hectic in the morning and I have to be up so early that waking up an extra hour early just to eat breakfast slowly is not something I do. Ever. So doing it on vacation is a ritual I always like to do because I CAN and it is special and enjoyable. So there!

Yesterday we spent a bit of time at the pool but the water was so warm it wasn’t even refreshing. I swam a few laps for good measure. I love how easy it is to stay active around here. There was also an outdoor racquetball court that we took a look at, but couldn’t play because we didn’t have the equipment. It’s the thought that counts. Sort of!

The Boyfriend is getting along with my family splendidly and they are all falling in love with him :) I couldn’t ask for more! He is such a wonderful guy. He must love me a lot to go on this trip and spend time with my kooky family.

In other news, my heart physically aches for my puppy, Roland. I miss him terribly and can’t wait to get scratched by his ridiculously long tiger claws when I get home (and be showered with love). I didn’t tell you all that the night before we left, he knocked my luggage off the couch, unzipped my bag, and pulled every single item out of my bag and ran around the house like a crazed rabid beast. His antics woke me up out of a deep sleep, and I see him running with one of my pieces of clothing in his mouth. He ran with his back legs going faster than his front legs. It was quite a sight. Luckily he was noisy enough to wake me (and my roommate), since I have no idea what my clothes would have looked like after hours of him going to town and chewing them all to pieces. He’s lucky that he’s cute and I love him more than life, or I would have been really upset. My summer-roommate and her boyfriend have been generously taking care of him and my cat while we are gone. I do miss my loving affectionate kitty, Jack, as well.

Do you have a large extended family? Do you all get along pretty well or is it usually pretty tense?

I have a small family, and we all seem to get along pretty well. There’s the occasional scrap, but I think that is normal. Overall, I love when we get together and always have an enjoyable time. It is rare that we all see each other because we are so spread out, so it always feels special when I see them.


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