Home Sweet Home

After a final morning in Florida, we hopped two planes (with a quick stop in HOTlanta) back to Dallas.

My grandmother’s birthday party was really nice. She seemed to really enjoy herself! Before the party The Boyfriend and I went to these wetlands called Wakotahatchee. Enough chat. Here’s pictures!

We didn’t see any alligators though. Sigh!

Yesterday morning we rented a boogie board and went to the beach. It was a blast. We left our camera in the car so it wouldn’t get destroyed. I am sore and we only did it for about 30 minutes.

Now it is back to the grind. I stayed active the whole trip and worked out every single day we were there. But of course today my pants are tight because no matter how active I am, I always seem to eat more calories than I burn. Story of my life! I also finished my book on the plane, and will be doing a recap post soon. It may be the final nudge I needed to eat 100% clean.

How do you get back on track after an indulgent vacation?


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