June Goals: The Result and New Goals for July!

One June 1st I set some goals for myself. Time for the final verdict!

1. 1. Run a sub 38:34 5K on June 12th.

Verdict: Goal Met!

2. 2. Get at least 5 servings of fruits/vegetables DAILY.

Verdict: I really focused on keeping fresh/frozen/canned produce around at all times and think I met this goal most days. There was never a day when I had ZERO servings, so I think that is excellent. I don’t track my food anymore (since it was making me depressed and obsessive) so I can’t say that I know exactly what I took in every day, but I’ll go ahead an say goal mostly met!

3. Manage my time.

Verdict: Goal met. I have successfully balanced work, school, fitness, and social life. It looks like I’ll be pulling A’s in both of my summer classes! The only area of my life that has not been up to par has been social life. But now that my in-class class is over (and I just have to finish up my online class), I’ll be able to be a little more social!

4. Use my gym membership.

Verdict: Goal met! In the last 2 and a half weeks I attended the gym 5 times.

5. Organize my apartment.

Verdict: The drawers and closets still need a lot of work. Class is over on Thursday and after that it is on like Donkey Kong! Closets and drawers, prepare for battle! Goal postponed to July!!

July Goals

1. Re-Organize/Decorate my Apartment

I think the best plan of action is to choose one area per week and attack with full-force. I plan on hitting up the Salvation Army, TJ Maxx, and Ross for some good cheap home organizing tools and decorations. Here are the areas that need the most work:

Area 1: Assorted kitchen cabinets

Area 2: Bedroom closet

Area 3: Living room entertainment center

Area 4: Dining room shelving/wall decoration

(Now that the puppy is properly potty trained, the carpets are in need of a good deep cleaning. Hopefully this can fit in somewhere as well.)

2. Run Faster

I’ve been running for almost 6 months now. And thanks to a lack-luster attitude and just wanting to enjoy my runs instead of pushing myself until I cry, I’m still insanely slow and haven’t done much improving. Here are my 5k times in date order:





(race recap coming soon!)

So besides my random much faster first race (I must have drank some voodoo juice or something) my times have all been around 38+ minutes. At least I’m somewhat consistent. I have a race on August 6th. So, for July I’d like to start incorporating some speed work into my training schedule and run a faster 5k on August 6th. I’ll let you know the new schedule once I’ve put it together. That same week starts training for my 5 miler (yikes!) that I am running September 25th.

3. Improve the blog

I used to post lots of yummy recipes on here but haven’t been doing too much of it as of late. That must change! I’ve also been researching on ways to provide you lovely readers with just a better blog all around. Suggestions are always welcome so if you have any tips or anything you’d like to see on Fit Fun and Fabulous, please share!

4. Enjoy the summer

Between work, school, and wanting to use my gym membership, I haven’t done a lot of fun outdoor summer activities lately. Must improve upon that this month! I’d like to host a party, do some more cooking/grilling with The Boyfriend, enjoy the pool, and attend some summer local community events!


What are your goals for July? Did you meet the goals you set for June?


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