Living Room Redesign!

One of my goals this month is the redesign and redecorate my apartment.

This weekend I finally tackled the living room and got a few new accessories to combine with things I already owned to make a more cohesive looking entertainment center. I also neatened up the books and dvds a little so it would be nicer looking.

Miniature bookcase #1 before:

Miniature bookcase #2 before:

And here they are after! Not a huge change, but I like it.

All together now. (I was still moving things around so the boxes on top aren’t in their final position. And this pic still makes things look really “busy” which I hate. So I may be doing a little more after this)

I also picked up a little tray that matches the little boxes, and placed it on the end table on the other side of the room for a little cohesiveness.

Still a work in progress. But there ya go! I spent $57 at Hobby Lobby for all the little doo-dads that I picked up. I am usually a bit more thrifty than that, but it is what it is.

In other news, I’m sick. So, workouts have been non-existent and I feel horrible. Blech!


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