Rock Climbing Pictures and a Grocery Shopping Vent

I don’t think I shared pictures from my birthday rock climbing session last week.

Grocery Shopping Vent

Aldi has come to my area in the last few months. In case you aren’t familiar with them, the owner is the brother of the owner of Trader Joe’s. Here’s what their webpage has to stay to describe their business model:

“ALDI was founded on the belief that people, wherever they live, should have the opportunity to buy everyday groceries of the highest quality at the lowest possible prices.”

We don’t have Trader Joe’s here, but once Aldi comes to town, Trader Joe’s is usually not far behind. However, Whole Foods has their headquarters in Austin, Texas. I’m pretty sure they are doing everything in their power to keep Trader Joe’s OUT of Texas so Whole Foods can keep their prices high. How convenient that they have their headquarters near the capital. I’m convinced they are paying off politicians. But that is all just speculation on my end.

Anyway, my actual complaint for today is with Aldi. They keep their prices low (but honestly not rock bottom low like they claim) by doing a variety of things. It is their own choice, and I can choose to shop their or not. It is on the way home from work so the boyfriend is a fan of shopping there. I am not. Here’s why:

1. You have to pay 25 cents to get a shopping cart.

2. You have to pay for shopping bags if you forget to bring your own canvas bags.

3. They do not accept credit cards.

I had to learn all three of those things the hard/embarrassing way. Tugging on a cart before realizing that I have to put money in, grabbing a shopping bag and then being told I can’t have those unless I pay for them, and showing up planning to pay with a credit card and having to ask the boyfriend to cover my half.

They also don’t have a huge variety of produce. They do sell a ton of packaged/processed foods (of course, that’s cheap). But a majority of their produce is tied up in huge bags. You can’t just buy one orange, you have to buy a pack of 8. I’m not going to buy an 8 pack of oranges and an 8 pack of apples. They will go bad before I can eat them. I also needed one onion but my choices were pack of 8 or none. No thanks! They also don’t have anything remotely exotic, like a shallot, which I also had on my list but couldn’t buy.

Anyway, I’ve only been twice and that is enough embarrassment for me. I don’t plan on going back if I can avoid it. Trader Joe’s, get your ass to Texas!


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