My Official Break Up with the Scale

At the beginning of this week I was in a really bad mood and couldn’t figure out why! Every little thing was setting me off and I even skipped a day of week-day blogging because I was feeling so negative.

Well, I think I finally identified what triggered it. I weighed myself on Sunday morning! And wasn’t happy with the number I saw. It then “blossomed” into all kinds of other things I was upset about that made no sense: old fights with my boyfriend and being upset again at an issue that has already been resolved, HATING on myself during a 3.5 mile run, and a variety of other examples of things that have gone on. But it all started when I stepped on that scale.

My scale is already “put away” so-to-speak. If I want to take a look at my weight I have to reach way up high into the corner of my closet to pull out the scale. And I only do it once in a blue moon, since I already know that it has the ability to determine my mood and self-worth if I give it that power.

But good grief! I am NOT willing to sacrifice FOUR DAYS (four days!!!!) of my life being in a sour mood because of a stupid thing like a scale and the number it is spouting to me. No thank you.

So, I’m getting rid of the damn thing. It does nothing but make my life worse!

Your weight doesn’t determine your worth.

That will be my mantra today.


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