Getting Back to my Roots

In college, after I would get off work or out of class at 5 PM I would head straight for the gym. I’d hop on the elliptical and watch my favorite 5 PM program.


30 Minute Meals with Rachael Ray! I just love her show. The stuff she makes is so beautiful, healthful (in moderation), easy, and quick! One year during the holidays I requested only Rachael Ray cookbooks and ended up with about 5 of them. I need to break them out and try some recipes from them. I don’t think I’ve cooked more than a few things out of all of those cookbooks.

Last night I headed up to the gym for an hour on the elliptical and got to watch 30 Minute Meals! Then I tuned in to some old episodes of America’s Next Top Model. Oh man. I was in heaven! I forget that since I’ve been living with a boy for the last year, I generally don’t get to engage in this type of TV watching. We usually try to find something we both and enjoy…cooking shows and modeling competitions are not what my boyfriend thinks of as quality entertainment. Silly boy! It was blissful. I also got a GREAT workout on the elliptical with the intensity turned up. I was sweating bullets.

Hope everyone is pumped for the long weekend! But who wouldn’t be? Maybe people who work in retail. I always hated that part of working in retail. While everyone is off enjoying a holiday, YOU have to be at work. Yuck!

Anyway, happy friday!

P.S. Quick shout out to Tina at Faith, Fitness, Fun! She is doing a month-long series called “30 Days of Self Love”. Go check it out! The posts are really excellent.


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