Oktoberfest 5k

A week ago, today, I ran my sixth race this year (and 7th race in the history of Rachel-dom). I had planned to run the race with Ashley, but her phone died in the middle of the night and off with it went her alarm. Oh well, I went anyway by myself.

Of the 6 races I’ve run this year, this is the 2nd race I’ve run by myself. One perk of running by myself is that I basically crossed the finish line and didn’t stop moving until I got to my car. Racing is one of the few occasions these days where you are forced to be disconnected (I don’t run with my cell phone) so you just have to use your old-time skills of pre-planning a meeting place if you race with friends, or wandering around aimlessly trying to find your group after the race. Racing alone means you don’t have to deal with anyone else and can just leave immediately afterward, if you want to. Which I did.

This included the least training of all of the races I’ve done. I’m not pushing my mileage, and can comfortably run 3.1 miles whenever I race now. It is still a real challenge for me, but I like that my weekly workouts can include other things that I enjoy more. Races are a BLAST for me. Training runs, however, are like torture. I’d rather spend the week doing my favorite types of workouts (yoga/elliptical/step aerobics/dog walking), and then just do the race on the weekend.

Additionally, the training I was doing wasn’t really benefiting me for the race. I can see that now since my race time last weekend (39:46) was around the same average time that I’ve been racing. And this time I did it without any training in the week or two before the race. My fitness level is good enough to run the race and enjoy myself. I’m happy with that.

Anyway, I got some sawwweeet professional pics from the race. Wanna see?

Running with a Camelbak is AWESOME. I also love that I don’t look remotely awkward in these pictures. Some of my other race photos have me looking crazay.

The end of the race I took some racing advice to widen out my stride to really pick up speed at the end. I ended up passing 10-15 people at the end including those two behind me in that photo. They actually caught up to me right at the end and almost passed me but I burst through. Nice photo finish huh?

The whole second half of the race the temperature had really picked up, and the course had you running into direct sunlight. It was pretty rough. I wish I had worn a hat.

But all in all, a great race. Only four more to go to meet my goal of 10 races in 2010!!


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