Vegas Vacation Part Two and Porn (Ring Porn, that is!)

So where did we leave off? Oh yeah, he just popped the question! I know you have two big questions "Did he get down on one knee?" and "Did you cry?". Don’t worry, we’ll get to both of those in a minute.

I answer yes, obviously, but my exact phrase was "Of course I will!" He puts the ring on my finger and we start hugging and kissing and whatnot. You’re probably wondering if he got down on one knee. Well the answer is no, and I’m 100% fine with that. On the seldom occasion that we do go out to dinner together, we usually make a habit of sitting next to each other at the table or booth, not across from one another. This restaurant was no different, except it was a semi-circle booth facing one of the most breathtaking landscapes I’ve ever seen. And lookie there, your view changes as the restaurant slowly revolves to show you the whole city.

So, we were in the center of this booth and for him to get down on one knee would have involved him scoot-scoot-scooting to one edge, while asking me to scoot all the way to the other edge, and me probably asking why and ruining the whole thing. Additionally, we were sitting right on the thin aisle where waiters and servers were whisking past us every once in a while, and he would have completely blocked their pathway as he got down on one knee. You can see how all of this would make for an incredibly awkward moment, and I think probably the exact opposite of what he was going for. It was a smart move on his part to not mess with all of that. He also knew that I didn’t want a whole group of strangers staring at us while this transpired, so the way he did it allowed for it to be very intimate and special.

Now the ring is on my finger, we are together in the moment, and the world is completely quiet and still. All of the little details that have gone on the past couple of days start to swirl in my head and combined with being in the arms of the man who just asked me to spend the rest of my life with him, and the ambiance of the restaurant, the tears are just about to start welling up in my eyes…

Then the restaurant photographer arrives with the photos she shot of us at the beginning of the evening. She spots the ring box on the table and asks "Oooh did something big just happen here?" Why yes, yes it did. But the moment ended and no tears fell. Then the waiter came with the bill and our to-go boxes and suddenly the world (and restaurant) started turning again.

Then the excitement comes. We are engaged! Let’s run to the other side of the restaurant where his parents are eating at tell them the good news. Well, his mom must have known I didn’t cry because she made up for it with her tears. We all hugged and decided to get a celebratory drink at the restaurant bar. And, we had to call my parents of course!

It turns out that the night before we left for the trip, Mr. High Wire decided we needed a garment bag to fly with so all of our nice clothes wouldn’t get wrinkled in our luggage. He called me about an hour after he left to get the bag claiming he got "lost" trying to find the mall. In actuality, he had swung by my parent’s place with the ring and asked for their permission for my hand in marriage. He did me proud, folks. Everything about this proposal was nothing short of perfect. I’m a lucky, lucky gal!

After our celebratory drinks and a couple of vital phone calls, it was time for our second theatrical performance of the trip, the topless vampire review, BITE. Was it odd that I went from one of the most romantic moments of my life to a naughty vampire show? A little. But it didn’t matter. The show was awesome.

Oh, you thought it was just topless girls? ;)

We spent our final afternoon in the same theatre as Bite took place. Except this time they lowered a bunch of screens and played about 10 different football games airing around the country. It was also Mr. High Wire’s official birthday (he turned 25 on 10-10-10 and was a 10 pound baby, how about that??) and he wanted to watch his Dallas Cowboys play, even though we were on vacation. I surprised him that morning with a balloon bouquet delivered to the room along with a Las Vegas etched flask and a little teeny bottle of Don Julio tequila which I purchased at 9:30 AM on a Sunday. Luckily I was in Vegas so no one had any weird thoughts about that.

That evening we went out on the town to see some casinos we hadn’t hit yet. And found a couple of birds on the way!


We also came across a couple of Elvises (Elvii?)

And one final trip up to the Stratosphere at the end of the night:

Our final afternoon was picking up a bunch of souvies’ at this huge store called Bonanza, and a teeny bit more gambling on the slot machines. One night while I was there I doubled my money on the slot machines, but couldn’t re-create that again for the rest of our time there. Oh well!

Last night we had a little ring photo shoot, and here are the fruits of our labor. Enjoy!

All personal photos

Anyone else have a surprisingly absolutely magical engagement? Share your stories!!


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