The Weekend’s Here!

Well, almost! Happy Friday.

A storm yesterday evening killed my plans for a run outdoors, so I went to Target. I need a set of matching glassware for Thanksgiving and wanted to check our their office supplies to see if I could find the ever-elusive wedding organizer I’ve been attempting to make. As for drinking glasses, Target only sold glasses in sets of 12, and I need a total of 16. I don’t have space for 24 glass drinking glasses.

Target’s office supply section had a lot of potential. I found a ton of different pieces that almost worked, but I couldn’t come up with the right combination of binger/legal pad/planner/divider in exactly what I wanted. But, if I don’t find anything elsewhere, I’ll go back to Target and make it work.

So the quest continues on both fronts.

Tonight I am meeting up with some girlfriends for happy hour! I haven’t seen one of them in over a year since she’s been working abroad and then settled down in Houston a few months ago. I’m so excited to see her and my other two good friends. We’re going here, and I can not wait. Good friends, good food, good drinks? Sold.

The rest of the weekend is socially sparse and I am glad to have a chance to get caught up on a few odds and ends here and there. We are taking the kitty for a check-up at the vet on Saturday, since he’s overdue for some shots and a general once-over. Then the pup is on the docket next for a check-up sometime in the next few weeks/months.

Speaking of pets, we took the puppy over to my parents on Wednesday when we had dinner together, and they have an old-as-dirt dachshund named Sasha. Ordinarily she is the sweetest, tiniest little thing. But once my big bumbling puppy baby comes roaring into their home acting a foo’, she getsĀ a little flustered and upset. I happened to snap a hilarious picture of her trying to defend her territory. She’s so elderly and most of her teeth are gone, so she grows and bears her teeth, but so many are gone that it doesn’t look remotely terrifying. She’s trying though, so I’ll give her props.

Roland LOVES my dad. He snuggles with him every chance he gets. This is from Labor Day weekend:

Other than that, there’s not much for the way of plans this weekend. Nearly every weekend from now until 2011 is jammed, so I better enjoy the rest and relaxation while I can get it.

Is your social calendar revving up for the holiday season already? What do you have planned?


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