Venue Tours: Chandor Gardens

Well, our venue tours went very successfully this weekend. So successful, in fact, that we booked a venue, made a deposit, and secured our date. Wee!

Our first appointment was at a venue about an hour and twenty minutes away from where we live, so I set a departure date for two hours in advance since we had a large group (mom, dad, me, fiance, future-mother-in-law) and wanted to leave a little wiggle room for unforseen timing issues. However, everyone (minus the mother-in-law who was coming from the other direction) was together and ready to hit the road at the scheduled time so off we went. We wound up getting to the area about 45 minutes early, so we stopped for ice cream sundaes. Yummy!

Touring gardens at the end of November is not the brightest idea, for you future brides who want to get married in a garden. Everything was pretty “wintery” and dead for the year. But no matter, it was easy to use your imagination combined with the evergreen plants that were still flourishing.

Venue Tour #1: Chandor Gardens

We met with an elderly man who was busy reading an article in the paper when we arrived. We didn’t have an official appointment with Chandor Gardens, but they knew to expect as and told us to arrive at noon, which we did. The gentleman was happy to give us a tour of the place, after my future mother-in-law arrived. There was a bit of construction on the road that blocked her way a lot more than ours, so it was a little hectic trying to direct her to the gardens.

Once we entered the gardens, it confirmed what I hoped; this place was absolutely breathtaking. It was full of little closed-off sitting areas and rock bridges that passed over waterways. There were waterfalls and fountains and Asian-inspired sculpture. There were cobblestone walkways and tons of rustic charm. It really was incredibly beautiful and romantic. I would highly recommend this place. 

Taking pictures yesterday didn’t do the area justice, I felt. I had done a fair amount of research before these tours, so I knew I could come back home and find better examples for you on the internet.




Tomorrow I’ll review our second appointment for the day – Clark Gardens. And let you know which venue we chose!


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