Dance Routines at Weddings? Nay.

I found myself watching the famous JK Wedding Entrance video which got me thinking about choreographed wedding routines.

Image via The Awesomer / Video: JK Wedding Dance

If you’ve never seen it or what to take a trip down memory lane, it is definitely worth checking out.

If you cry at the end, don’t feel ashamed. I cry every time I watch it.

This video went viral a few years ago and they wound up on all the morning talk shows and even had remakes of it done on on several TV shows.

Image via Christian Science Monitor / Photo by screen grab

Link to Image

As a former dancer I can definitely see the appeal. And as someone who watches that JK Wedding Dance video at least once every few months, you’d think I would be setting up rehearsals with my bridal party already and putting routines together.

However, I think there’s a bit of an awkwardness about it all that can get amplified if you aren’t a professional dancer/actor/singer. (or even if you are, that Glee number wasn’t one of my favorites. At all.) And you definitely run into some problems if you’ve got members of the wedding party who don’t want to put on a performance in front of a bunch of people while wearing formal wear and high heels.

It can go wrong on so many different levels. Anyone else cringe with un-comfortableness while watching these kinds of things? Please say it just isn’t me. And don’t even get me started on all the Michael Jackson Thriller dancing attempts.

On the list of emotions we want our guests to feel on our wedding day, “super embarrassed and uncomfortable” is not anywhere near the top (or on the list at all, for that matter). If there were going to be any choreographed routines going on at our wedding, it would be done by professionals. And four years of high school dance team doesn’t count.

If you’ve got a pumped up wedding party that is dying to put a performance together, then that is great. But unless everyone is totally into it the whole thing kind of falls apart. It’s obvious which brides forced the idea and which ones didn’t.

How do you feel about choreographed dance routines at weddings?


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