Let Me Get My Balance Really Quick

Now that I’ve steadied myself after getting the most exciting e-mail of my life, it is time to meet!

The carnival icons are so super cute right?? I’m loving that totally adorbs’ tight rope walker lady. So much so that Mr. High Wire and I did a little re-creation for you to enjoy.


Personal photo created so wonderfully using Mr. High Wire’s fancy cell phone camera and his mad Photoshop skills.

A big giant wave and hello from me, Miss High Wire! I am so, so, so, (so, so, so, so, so,) happy to be here and can’t wait to take all you fine readers along for the best tight rope walk of your life! Okay, it might be your first and only tight rope walk. It is mine too. Don’t worry.

Mr. High Wire and I have been busy planning our September nuptials since our engagement last October. He proposed the day before his birthday while we were on an amazing vacation with his folks. As an only child who let’s her freak flag fly during her birthday (i.e. It’s all about me and I can’t share), this was an extra special gesture from him to share his 25th birthday celebration with me by popping the question.

The proposal took place somewhere you may be familiar with. Here’s a hint:

Image via Twynkle

Is anyone else getting opening night tickets to the Hangover sequel? We can sit together.

We’ll get to the long tale of our Las Vegas proposal story soon, hive. Don’t you worry.

As for me, by day I’m a legal assistant for a great attorney in Dallas and spend my nights and weekends tooling around town with Mr. High Wire.  Healthy eating and exercise is big passion of mine. It was actually the healthy living blogging community that introduced me to the wide world of blogs before I found Weddingbee. A lot of the time I’m catching up on my blog reading, I have this next to me:

Personal Photo

That’s an exhausted tabby cat named Jack Shephard and a sleepy boxer/lab mix named Roland Deschain. Bonus points if you recognize who they are named after!

At home when I’m not reading blogs, I’m working to better my domestic skills (except I don’t sew, much to the dismay of Mr. High Wire’s old torn-up cargo shorts).

Speaking of the Mister, he’s a successful director for a trade association in Dallas. He works hard and plays hard too! He grew up in a small West Texas town and even has the Southern accent to go along with his wicked good looks. I couldn’t stay away long! In fact, I could only stay away for about 5 minutes…more on that later.

He’s a wonderful man. So wonderful, in fact, that he was willing to appease my wishes to have a retro-themed engagement session. Here we are in all of our back-in-time glory:

Photographed by Joy Neville Photography

We like outdoor festivals, movie theaters that serve food and spirits, and making sure our dog spends ample time with his doggy friends at the dog park.

So get ready to traverse the wire and enjoy the tales of planning the High Wire Wedding!

Good News!

To all of my wonderful readers on Fit, Fun, and Fabulous, I have something very exciting to share.

Since becoming engaged, it has been a dream of mine to blog for the wedding blogger site, Weddingbee. Becoming a blogging “Bee” is a huge honor and the site is full of some of the most intelligent, well-written, crafty brides around.


As of yesterday, I was invited to become on of their bloggers!

My posts from now on will still appear here, but they will make a lot more sense (especially my next post) if you head on over to Weddingbee to read there. Each of the bloggers get special icons to differentiate between the writers, and my name and icon from now on will be Miss High Wire, from the carnival generation!

Thanks in advance for reading and going along on this journey with me!


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