Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

One weeknight evening my lovely MOH and I did a little shopping for her Maid of Honor dress. She was looking for something holly green, knee length, and anything un-shiny per my requests, but could choose any dress of her liking under those parameters.

Reggie, our sales associate for the evening, kept us busy with dresses to try on all evening.

Care of some stains on the bust? Then purchase this lovely number.

This one got a no:

Wrong length!


We were loving the cotton sateen selections they had

I liked the neckline on this one

Didn’t have much else going for it though.

Then things started to get a little silly

I entertained myself while she changed

And then this happened:

Look how pretty :)

All pictures by me (with MOH’s camera)

The dress will be in David’s Bridal color “holly” – similar to this swatch I sent the girls with their bridesmaid newsletter:

Personal Photo

and I know it will look b-e-a-utiful!

This was the same dress that I kept going back to when thinking about bridesmaid dresses for our shindig. I’m so glad she wound up liking it too!!


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