Flakes and Cowers Part 2

Like I talked about in part 1, we have one vendor that is in charge of both our flowers and cakes for the wedding day, and I repeatedly switch the letters around and say flakes and cowers on a regular basis.

Image via Strictly Weddings / Photography by This Modern Romance

Floral decor and wedding cakes were two of the components of the wedding that weren’t at the tippity top of our priority list. *gasp* I know some of you flower aficionados and cake connoisseurs can’t believe what you are reading.

In case you are wondering, here’s are our top three priorities:


I got a really great piece of advice from another bride who suggested that any part of the wedding day that wasn’t a top priority for us, to keep the elements simple and let the professionals use their creativity to come up with something satisfactory. That advice works for us! We’re happy to let the professionals do their thing.


Image via Style Me Pretty / Photo by Elyse Hall

So tell me, what parts of your wedding day are less important to you?


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