So Sash-ey

The days are winding down my friends! It is crunch time. Today on the agenda is figuring out a sash situation.

Dear Mr. High Wire,

Image via Alpine Porter

Thanks! I love you. Scroll quickly past this post, please!




As a quick reminder, here’s me and my dress:

Right now she is safely tucked away behind a huge wall of boxes as we prepare for our move into our first home that we own together. We get the keys tomorrow!

Mr. High Wire accidentally forwarded his mail a few days early, so instead of us being able to watching Man Men on DVD last night, the sellers got a little DVD surprise in their mailbox. Hopefully they leave it on the counter for us on their way out!

Anyway, back to the task at hand. I love my dress, but want to add a little sparkle around the edges so to speak. Oh, and to my waist as well. In the form of some kind of sash. Also on the docket is the looming veil decision and jewelry choices. But we’ll focus on one thing at a time for now. At least shoes are out of the way. Whew.

The following two dresses were put on just for fun, but the important thing to notice here is the sash I’m wearing.

Personal Photo

I like it, it’s sparkly, and I don’t want to have to drag my dress into a store to try on more sashes. So, with that decision basically made, I’m debating over which color to order it in.

1. Ivory (the color in the above photo I’m guessing)


Image via David’s Bridal


2. Soft White


Image via David’s Bridal

As a reminder, here are the shoes I’ll have on:

Image via Polyvore / Steve Madden

I think sash #1 goes with the shoes better, but I keep going back to the notion that it is my one day of my life that I get to wear white, and ALL white if I so choose. So sash #2 is tugging at me for that reason.

What do you think?


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