Thoughts on Inviting 400 People

My FMIL and I worked on our guest list this weekend and boy howdy (yes, Boy. Howdy.) we have a lot of people on our list. A fair amount of them are acquaintances, distant elderly family, and friends who probably won’t be able to attend, but we wanted to make them feel included in the celebrations anyway.

I’m estimating that our ultimate attendance will be somewhere in the 150 arena. But, we are inviting around 400 people. This won’t blow up in our face right?!

So, what if every single person we invite winds up attending? Our reception tent has a maximum capacity of 400, and our venue and caterer both allow for increases to the original contract. We’ll have to pay more, obviously, but we’ll be able to accommodate all of those people, if we need to.

Speaking of inviting people, our amazing graphic designer finished our invites and we ordered them today. Care to take a peek?

Oh, I just love them. I’d marry these invites if I could.

Invite JPEG My favorite part has to be the little tiny bird feet that are grabbing that branch:


Here are our back-of-the-invite directions that I talked about here

Invite Backside JPEGAnd our RSVP


How many people are you inviting to your wedding? Anyone else send out a lot of invitations but expect a smaller guest list to actually attend?


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