Setting the Tables

Before my flea market endeavor last weekend, I wanted to take stock of all the little items I had accumulated for wedding decor.

For the centerpieces, our florist is providing the two differently-sized mason jars, and filling them with some flowers. Here’s what I’m imagining:


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I’m going to add all the little treasures that I picked up along the way around the base of the jars. I can’t wait for the wedding day to see all these little items all over the space. Some I picked up at a thrift store while shopping with a good friend, others were handed down to me by family members, and each trinket has it’s own special story to it. I hope our guests feel that energy on the wedding day.

I did a mock-up with what I had around the house (fake flowers, a brown pillow case draped over a wooden TV stand, etc.)

While I had everything spread out all over the floor, I figured it was a good time to go ahead and figure out exactly what is going on each table. Each little mirror and/or small pile represents one table for the reception.

That box in the lower right-hand corner houses some of the most beautiful stationery. It used to belong to my beloved grandmother who passed away a few months ago. I’m going to use some of it to create signs and messages to display throughout the event.

Then, I wrapped up each table’s decorations in their own bag and labeled them by table.

Now everything is all boxed up and neatly packaged for the big day!

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I’m so glad I did this little project before going to the flea market because I realized I had plenty of little trinkets to decorate the tables with. So, I went shopping armed with a really good shopping list: chalkboards, vintage signs, and antique picture frames for family photos and information like our menu that I’ll create later on. I came home with shopping bags full of all of those things!

Do any of your decorations have meaning or a special story attached to them?


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