I Cried Over Our Invitations Part 1

Oh yeah. It’ll take two whole posts to tell this story.

For so long I was cool as a cucumber. I had all my ducks in a row and my priorities straight. I’ve been diligently crossing things off my lists and even organized all my little table decorations into their own neatly packaged…package. Nothing can thwart me!


We’ve been working on getting our invitations out and about into the world once our order from Vistaprint arrived on our doorstep a week ago.

As a reminder here’s what’s going into our envelops:

Invitation, RSVP Card, and RSVP return envelope (which now has a stamp!!):

Thoughts on Inviting 400 People :  wedding dallas invitations stationery 1 Invite JPEGThoughts on Inviting 400 People :  wedding dallas invitations stationery 4 RSVP JPEG5952423073_4bb9a14903







Once they arrived I thought I’d do a simple little alteration and picked up a corner rounder from Wal-Mart for four dollars.

Before and during rounding:

And after!

All Photos Personal

We spent subsequent hours rounding each corner of our 200 invitations and 200 RSVP cards. It was ALOT of punching. And I started to get really proud of them. And Mr. High Wire kept commenting on how much better he liked them once we made that simple change. Who knew a little corner rounding could do so much?

Then we decided to make a sample completed invitations and tossed the invite, RSVP card, and RSVP envelope inside.

Well I don’t know what happened, but I couldn’t stand how everything was just thrown into the envelope and the smaller pieces were just sliding around in there haphazardly. I attempted tying them together with some string, but it looked terrible and took me about 5 minutes just to get one tied. There wasn’t time for that.

Mr. High Wire was so anxious to get these out, but there was no way I could release these out into the mail system the way they were. He refused to wait around while we ordered something off the internet, so if we were going to invest in some kind of belly band or envelope enclosure, we had to find a local store and we had to take care of it ASAP.

So, I started crying. Like a big baby. Over pieces of paper. Who am I?

Tomorrow I’ll finish up the harrowing tale (okay, maybe that’s a stretch) of this invitation mishap.

Did you ever lose it over a wedding detail?

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