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So far I can’t say I have any regrets about wedding planning. But there are some things I look at and think “man, I so would have done things a little differently if I had just known better” and other cases I’m thinking to myself “Whew, thank goodness I planned for this or I’d be in total deep water right now”. I thought I’d share some of what I’ve picked up on:

1. Don’t pre-stamp anything. I accidentally did twice as many as we needed and now we have a ton of stamped giant envelopes with no destination as well as stamped RSVP envelopes that are addressed to our house and are totally useless. (Peeling off the stamps does not work at all by the way. We tried) Oh and our invites wound up costing us $.64 in postage instead of the usual $.44, so I definitely could have used those extra stamps to our advantage. Instead, I had to order $60 in more stamps.

2. If you get to a point in your planning where you think all the big stuff is done and all the little stuff will have to wait until the date gets closer ignore that instinct. Keep saving money, keep working on projects. You’ll have so much to do and pay for at the end that you’ll wish you wouldn’t have taken that little break in the middle.

3. Don’t promise anyone that they’ll be in your wedding party or that you’ll use someone as a vendor until you are 100% sure. It avoids some serious awkwardness and the potential for hurt feelings.

4. Even if your venue has an event coordinator, hire your own. Your own coordinator’s priority is to you. An event coordinator’s ultimate responsibility is to the venue, and they can quit working from them in the middle of your planning if they want to. (Which is what just happened to us. I’m so glad we hired our own day-of-coordinator)

What is your best piece of wedding planning advice?


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