RSVP Rundown

Total Guests Invited: 341 (including Mr. HW and Myself)

Originally this was 405, but we decided to trim the guest list a little bit because we didn’t want to have to lay out any extra costs.

The response rate doesn’t really shock me. Our wedding is sort of “destination” in that each side will have to travel a bit to get there. It is about 90 minutes from my hometown and about 2.5 hours from his. So, I expected a few more “no’s” because of this.

Total Yes Responses: 131 (38%)

Total No Responses: 100 (29%)

Total RSVPs Still Outstanding: 89 + a few random last minute invitations that were sent out after I made my spreadsheet (26-33%)

So, uh, anyone want to track down 89 people for me? Please?

RSVP JPEG Please send this back to me! Personal photo


Here’s the situation: We have enough food, cake, and spirits for around 150-175. We have enough wiggle room in our venue contract for 220. I’m assuming a large majority of those 89 people aren’t coming, so even if a little less than half do end up coming, I think we’ll be okay. Hopefully we’ll hear from a few more and we can try to contact those who we haven’t heard back from yet.

Luckily, everything is buffet style and we aren’t doing assigned seating besides a few reserved tables for the wedding party and people like my grandma who needs a seat close to the action.

How did your RSVPs break down? Anyone else have a LOT of outstanding RSVPs 2 weeks past the deadline?

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Laura @ Saying "I do
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 10:02:12

    Yes we def. had a LOT of people not respond (how rude right?!) It’s pretty typical though, you’ll def. have to end up making some calls. good luck!


  2. Anne
    Sep 13, 2011 @ 18:07:20

    Our total number was 340, and we had 170 come. It shocked the heck out of me! But yes, if they haven’t RSVP’d two weeks after the deadline, then they are probably a no. That’s generally how it works. When do you need the numbers by? Two weeks after my RSVP deadline would have been my wedding!!


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