Walk the Line: Wedding Weekend Beginnings

Why hello! Are you ready to get this party started? It is finally time to recap the High Wire wedding. The title for these recaps works for us in two ways. 1) There are a ton of Johnny Cash fans on both sides of our families and 2) it is a fun play on words regarding my moniker, the tightrope walker.

The weekend started early and I finished off my work week by working a half-day on Thursday. After that, we loaded up and headed out to the wedding site. Our venue is about 90 minutes away from where we live, so we had a little bit of a drive ahead of us. But luckily, we were staying at a guest house on the property, so as soon as we were there, we were really there. The excitement was palpable!

Here is the cozy living room of the house.

img_1083 Personal Photo

Thursday evening was relatively low key. A small group stayed at the house on Thursday night: me, Mr. HW, my MIL, two of my bridesmaids, and a couple of cousins.

One of my bridesmaids had a little trouble getting to the house. Her cell phone had broken earlier in the week, so she was without one during her drive up from Austin, and our cell phones were having trouble getting reception in our rustic wedding location. It was already about an hour past when we expected her to arrive, and just when we were getting ready to leave the house to start looking for her, she pulled up! Whew. She’s such a capable lady. I knew she’d make it. It turns out there was a little trouble with the directions and lack of signage, but she was able to borrow a computer at a local hotel and double check the location.

After scoring some dinner at a nearby BBQ restaurant, we hit up Wal-Mart to get groceries for the weekend. It was a huge haul, you guys! We filled up FOUR grocery carts. It was insanity. But for what it’s worth, we had to get food for my bridal luncheon, the rehearsal dinner, and a few items for the actual wedding. Plus random food for the rest of the weekend, ya know?

We spent the rest of evening hanging out, playing cards, and enjoying the good company.

How did your wedding weekend start? Was it hectic or relaxing?

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