Walk the Line: We Sign the Ketubah

After our rehearsal, we headed back to the guest house to sign the Ketubah, or Jewish marriage contract.

I ordered our Ketubah from Ketubah.com and the artist is Nava Shoham (highly recommended if anyone needs a Ketubah!) Before the wedding weekend, I had the Ketubah matted so it was flat and sturdy for signing. Then after the wedding, we had it completely framed behind glass. Since the Ketubah is on high grade paper, I made sure to bring special archival pens that I picked up from the craft store. An associate at the store can help you find these if you need anything like this for your wedding. Make sure to not use regular pens as this can warp, bleed, or otherwise destroy the piece of work.

IMG_3862 Our Ketubah

Many couples do the signing on the actual wedding day, but I was too nervous to have it out and/or on display at the wedding for fear that it might get damaged. So, I made arrangements with our officiant to come back to the guest house with us after the rehearsal so we could go ahead and sign it that evening.

The signatures required were the bride, groom, officiant, and two witnesses (our best man and maid of honor in our case).

We each took a turn signing.

IMG_3838IMG_3842IMG_3844IMG_3849IMG_3855 IMG_3858 After that, we all listened to a few speeches, and chowed down on burgers and hot dogs. Clark Gardens kindly set up tables for us for our dinner at the guest house, and took the tables and chairs away at the end of the night.

I know I lose blogger brownie points, but I don’t have any pictures of the rehearsal dinner. I am so sorry about that!

After the rehearsal dinner finished up, I wanted to write a “Goodbye as a Miss” post to you all, and that is when this happened. We couldn’t seem to get the internet working at the house for whatever reason, so I hitched a ride with the Clark Gardens staff back over to the gardens and used an office computer.

All photos personal

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