Walk the Line: Bridal Party Gifts

Throughout the weekend, whenever I could snag someone, I would hand them their Thank You gift for being a part of our wedding.

Mr. HW kept it simple for the guys and got each one a nice pocket knife with their initials engraved in it.

The flower girls got little dolls that had the exact same dress as the girls wore in the wedding.

Here is Aunt Pam showing off the cute dolls.

IMG_3871We had fun playing with them the morning of the wedding. IMG_1187 And they took very good care of them for the rest of the day.

IMG_1189 IMG_1194 Angi continued working on everyone’s nails. Bless her!

IMG_1191Shopping for the junior bridesmaids was probably the most difficult part. They are both not very “girly” so-to-speak. For Callie, I picked out a cute Roxy sweatshirt for when the weather cooled off (it was a scorching 97 degrees the day of the wedding!)

Sweater by Roxy. Image via Amazon.com

For my other awesome Jr. Bridesmaid, I ordered a hardback book about the history of manga.

One Thousand Years of Manga

Image via Amazon.com

The bridesmaids themselves all wound up with embroidered matching robes. I’m so glad I decided to go with these as gifts because they got a TON of use on the wedding day, and hopefully will get lots more use at their homes.

IMG_1184IMG_1173IMG_1169 I decided to give them each $50 to go towards their matching shoes.

IMG_1171IMG_1165 IMG_1174I also picked out small individualized gifts for each of them as well. A yoga shawl for my yogi bridesmaid, a pressed flower jewelry box for my dainty bridesmaid, sassy ear muffs for my runner bridesmaid, and a teapot for my tea loving maid of honor.

My MIL received a loving framed poem and my mom got a book full of mushy mommy stories.

"My Husband's Mother" Touching 8x10 Poem, Double-matted in Burgundy/Dark Green And Enhanced With Watercolor Graphics. A Gift For A Mother-in-law.

Mother In Law Poem by Poems for In-Laws / Image via Amazon.com

I also picked up two small gifts for my aunt (bath product) and grandmother (picture album) who provided a lot of support to me during wedding planning.

It was really fun to spend time picking out something special for each of them.

All photos personal unless otherwise stated

What gifts did you get (or are planning to get) for your bridal party?

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