Walk the Line: Our First Look

The dress was on and it was time to go meet Mr. HW for our first look of the day! We found a really interesting little pathway around the side of the house and decided to meet there. I came down the steps from the east wing of the house.

IMG_3897 Personal Photo

And Mr. HW started down from the west wing.

wed20110924_1124 It was so incredibly exciting!

wed20110924_1109No, those are not my real eyelashes – tips on how to apply falsies here!

wed20110924_1112wed20110924_1127IMG_3900 Personal Photo


wed20110924_1128Time to turn around, groom!

wed20110924_1130IMG_3902 Personal Photo

wed20110924_1131wed20110924_1132And then I cried in his arms.

wed20110924_1134 wed20110924_1135 I also admired his snazzy tuxedo.

wed20110924_1136We kissed a lot.

wed20110924_1138And looked longingly into each other’s eyes. Haha, doesn’t get more lovey-dovey than this, huh?

wed20110924_1139Oh, right. There are still photographers snapping away! About 15-20 members of our family were standing by watching as well. None of that really bothered me. I’d love to be able to watch a First Look happen with another couple, so I can totally get on-board with having a little audience there.

wed20110924_1140wed20110924_1141wed20110924_1143wed20110924_1144wed20110924_1145I was SO happy to be with him again after spending the day apart. So much of the day felt so surreal, and seeing him really helped ground me and give me peace.

The area next to the guest house looked like an enchanted forest, so we hopped into the shrub to take some more pictures there.

wed20110924_1150wed20110924_1153wed20110924_1148 wed20110924_1149wed20110924_1154wed20110924_1160wed20110924_1165 If you are considering a first look, I have nothing but positive things to say about it. It allowed us to have a semi-private few minutes together to connect during the day. Since we were able to take all of our couples/bridal party pictures before the ceremony, it freed up time after the ceremony to enjoy the reception for a longer period of time. I am SO happy we decided to do a First Look.

How did your first look go? Was it private or did people watch?

All photos by Joy Neville Photography unless otherwise noted.

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