Walk the Line: Our Wedding Ceremony

After we finished our bridal party photos and cooled off inside for a few minutes, it was time to head over to the ceremony site. Luckily, we were staying on a guest house on the venue property all weekend, so we only had a short drive over from the house to the Rose Pavilion. In nicer weather, we would have just walked, but since it was so warm, we decided to take air conditioned vehicles.

wed20110924_1315Our day-of coordinator, Shelley, had done a wonderful job making sure all of the decorations were placed perfectly.

wed20110924_1314wed20110924_1310This plate was a gift from one of the hostesses at my bridal shower. I absolutely love it.


wed20110924_1311Our DIY programs were ready for the taking by our guests. I think they enjoyed them!


wed20110924_1312Our Jewish wedding canopy was ready. The posts came from trees on Mr. HW’s parent’s land and the cloth that was draped over the top belonged to my great-great-grandmother.

wed20110924_1316Yet again, I was totally over-the-moon happy with the floral arrangements.

wed20110924_1319wed20110924_1321The guests were getting seated.

wed20110924_1363And the bridal party spent a little time in the conference room on the property near our ceremony site. Again, it was so hot outside, we needed the A/C to keep our make-up from melting off! I’m so glad our guests had those program fans to keep them cool.

wed20110924_1345 wed20110924_1342 We headed back outside once the time started getting closer.


wed20110924_1357wed20110924_1353wed20110924_1354wed20110924_1356Then we began to get in our places for the ceremony!


My dad walked my mom down the aisle at the beginning of the processional.

wed20110924_1364wed20110924_1365 wed20110924_1366 Mr. HW and our officiant

wed20110924_1369We had each groomsmen escort a bridesmaid both down the aisle and back up at the end.

wed20110924_1371Our junior bridesmaid was nursing a broken ankle!

wed20110924_1376Our ring bearer did a perfect job of escorting our wonderful flower girls down the aisle. The little girls were so precious!

Once the rest of the bridal party had gone down the aisle, I had to wait for my dad to trek back to pick me up so we could walk together. I was completely alone for about a minute or two, soaking everything in. It was totally surreal.

wed20110924_1358And then it was time to head down the aisle with my dad!

wed20110924_1373wed20110924_1384wed20110924_1382wed20110924_1381wed20110924_1385wed20110924_1380 wed20110924_1386I’m so glad my dad was there to walk with me. I was feeling extra emotional, so I gave him an unplanned hug before he went to join my mom at their seats.

wed20110924_1389And then we had our very brief ceremony! Mr. HW and I were not interested in having anything long or drawn out for our ceremony. We wanted it to be meaningful, but quick and to-the-point. And it was! I think the whole ceremony was about 5 minutes long.

wed20110924_1390I’m really thankful for that, because due to the random extreme heat wave that day, my poor groom was sweating profusely in his restrictive tuxedo. That explains why his facial expressions during most of our ceremony looked like this:

wed20110924_1395He was a good sport. But, poor guy!

Before we knew it, it was time to exchange rings.

wed20110924_1396 And Mr. HW did the Jewish tradition of stepping on the glass.


Zombie bride:

wed20110924_1407wed20110924_1410 We’re married!

wed20110924_1416And then we flew down the aisle.

wed20110924_1418wed20110924_1420wed20110924_1421wed20110924_1422Immediately after the ceremony, we enjoyed a little photo shoot in all of our newly married bliss. But first, Mr. HW lost the jacket.

wed20110924_1424wed20110924_1423wed20110924_1429wed20110924_1430wed20110924_1433 We joined our bridal party again and made sure to take care of some legal business:

wed20110924_1459wed20110924_1458 Signing the marriage license

At this time, we had hoped to have our extended families join us for a few formal photos. Due to some kind of miscommunication, they weren’t notified and were already enjoying themselves at the reception before we had returned from our little couple’s photo shoot. So we snapped a few more with our bridal party and parents.

wed20110924_1452wed20110924_1453wed20110924_1443wed20110924_1451Once my dress was bustled up, I was ready to party. Mr. HW was equally as antsy. He was ready to celebrate!


All photos by Joy Neville Photography.

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  1. Susan Planick
    Dec 22, 2011 @ 11:18:30

    Beautiful recap. It is like living the wedding all over again.


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