Walk the Line: Traditional Reception Activities that Got in the Way of Partying

Our guests began helping themselves to drinks and finding a seat for the reception.

wed20110924_1525We decided not to do assigned seating. Instead, we put signs on just a couple of tables to reserve seats for the bridal party and some VIP family members (like my grandmother). If you are considering foregoing assigned seating, you can rest easy! We had absolutely no issues. There were more than enough seats for everyone, which helped avoid problems. Assigned seats are not really common in our circles, so most everyone knew how to make it work.

wed20110924_1492 Guests definitely enjoyed our margaritas!


wed20110924_1510 Once we finished our post-ceremony pictures, we lined up for our entrance!

Mr. HW and I were really ready to party. We just wanted to let loose, dance, and celebrate! We wound up changing the timeline and doing all of our “required” reception stuff (first dance, parent dances, cake cutting) immediately once the reception started so we could just get it over with. I’m glad that we participated in those traditions, but we were just ready to get through them as quickly as possible.





wed20110924_1533After the bridal party was announced, we immediately had our first dance to George Strait’s Carried Away

wed20110924_1534 wed20110924_1535 wed20110924_1536

It was wonderful to dance our first dance as husband and wife, but I’ve got to be honest, hive, it was kind of awkward. We didn’t prepare any kind of dance “moves” and so we just swayed there all by ourselves. It was hard to get in the moment and enjoy it. I’m glad we did it, but we were ready to move on.

After our mildly awkward first dance, I danced with my daddy to Paul Simon’s Father and Daughter.

wed20110924_1538 wed20110924_1539 Mr. High Wire took a spin with his mom to the Beatles’ In My Life.

wed20110924_1542 wed20110924_1543 After the dances were over, we immediately moved on to the cake cutting. (Again, we were extremely anxious to get the party started!)







Alright, now it is time to party! Phew, thank goodness.


All photos by Joy Neville Photography

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