Walk the Line: Ending Things Right

As the reception came to a close, I wanted to make sure the bridal party knew how to get back to the guest house in the dark, so I hopped onto a golf cart full of people and headed towards the house. I’m not sure if I had grand plans to return to the reception tent to say goodbye to people or what (I was slightly inebriated at the time), but I just carted out of there and never returned. So, for all the guests who I just left there without saying goodbye, my sincerest apologies!

We brought the two kegs we had supplied for the reception back to the house, and several people got to work attempting to float them before the evening was over. They were unsuccessful. I’d label most our 140 guests as pretty heavy drinkers (especially during a celebratory occasion) but with the margarita machine and full bar, we probably could have just ordered one keg instead of two.

Everyone tried their best, but the next day there were still two kegs with beer inside!

The evening ended in the best way possible, back at the relaxing guest house by the pool with our best friends and closest family. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the day.

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And with that, our wedding day came to a close. The following day we slowly roused, cleaned up the house, and packed everything into cars. The weekend was surreal, and at first I had a hard time recalling any of the memories while we rejuvenated in Jamaica. I think my body and mind just needed a break from it all for a week. Once we returned from our trip, the memories came floating back and I’m happy to have them to cherish forever.

wed20110924_1153 Photo by Joy Neville Photography

I’ve got a few more posts up my sleeves to share with ya’ll that we haven’t had a chance to chat about yet, so stay tuned for those.

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