Let Me Get My Balance Really Quick

Now that I’ve steadied myself after getting the most exciting e-mail of my life, it is time to meet!

The carnival icons are so super cute right?? I’m loving that totally adorbs’ tight rope walker lady. So much so that Mr. High Wire and I did a little re-creation for you to enjoy.


Personal photo created so wonderfully using Mr. High Wire’s fancy cell phone camera and his mad Photoshop skills.

A big giant wave and hello from me, Miss High Wire! I am so, so, so, (so, so, so, so, so,) happy to be here and can’t wait to take all you fine readers along for the best tight rope walk of your life! Okay, it might be your first and only tight rope walk. It is mine too. Don’t worry.

Mr. High Wire and I have been busy planning our September nuptials since our engagement last October. He proposed the day before his birthday while we were on an amazing vacation with his folks. As an only child who let’s her freak flag fly during her birthday (i.e. It’s all about me and I can’t share), this was an extra special gesture from him to share his 25th birthday celebration with me by popping the question.

The proposal took place somewhere you may be familiar with. Here’s a hint:

Image via Twynkle

Is anyone else getting opening night tickets to the Hangover sequel? We can sit together.

We’ll get to the long tale of our Las Vegas proposal story soon, hive. Don’t you worry.

As for me, by day I’m a legal assistant for a great attorney in Dallas and spend my nights and weekends tooling around town with Mr. High Wire.  Healthy eating and exercise is big passion of mine. It was actually the healthy living blogging community that introduced me to the wide world of blogs before I found Weddingbee. A lot of the time I’m catching up on my blog reading, I have this next to me:

Personal Photo

That’s an exhausted tabby cat named Jack Shephard and a sleepy boxer/lab mix named Roland Deschain. Bonus points if you recognize who they are named after!

At home when I’m not reading blogs, I’m working to better my domestic skills (except I don’t sew, much to the dismay of Mr. High Wire’s old torn-up cargo shorts).

Speaking of the Mister, he’s a successful director for a trade association in Dallas. He works hard and plays hard too! He grew up in a small West Texas town and even has the Southern accent to go along with his wicked good looks. I couldn’t stay away long! In fact, I could only stay away for about 5 minutes…more on that later.

He’s a wonderful man. So wonderful, in fact, that he was willing to appease my wishes to have a retro-themed engagement session. Here we are in all of our back-in-time glory:

Photographed by Joy Neville Photography

We like outdoor festivals, movie theaters that serve food and spirits, and making sure our dog spends ample time with his doggy friends at the dog park.

So get ready to traverse the wire and enjoy the tales of planning the High Wire Wedding!

Good News!

To all of my wonderful readers on Fit, Fun, and Fabulous, I have something very exciting to share.

Since becoming engaged, it has been a dream of mine to blog for the wedding blogger site, Weddingbee. Becoming a blogging “Bee” is a huge honor and the site is full of some of the most intelligent, well-written, crafty brides around.


As of yesterday, I was invited to become on of their bloggers!

My posts from now on will still appear here, but they will make a lot more sense (especially my next post) if you head on over to Weddingbee to read there. Each of the bloggers get special icons to differentiate between the writers, and my name and icon from now on will be Miss High Wire, from the carnival generation!

Thanks in advance for reading and going along on this journey with me!

Blogaversary and Flakes/Cowers Part 2

One year ago, today, I started this blog! It started as a fashion/food/fitness blog and has now turned into a tale of planning my wedding to my most favorite person in the whole wide world. I hope the past year has given you some insights, laughs, and new ideas.

To follow up from my last post, I wanted to supply some pretty cake and flower pictures that have inspired me! I plan on sending these over to our newly hired cake/flower vendor, Sissy’s Complete Catering. Enjoy the eye candy:










An Epic Year

What a year it has been! There have been lots of changes that have happened this year, and all for the better!

1. I started a blog which kept me accountable and introduced me to a whole community of people that were committed to a wholesome, healthy life.

2. Our household expanded to one very friendly, sweet cat and one very loving, affectionate dog.

3. We traveled to Las Vegas for the first time and got ENGAGED.

4. I went back to school and then decided to become a certified paralegal to further my career.

5. I started running and then ran EIGHT races.

What an awesome, awesome year, really.

How epic was your 2010?

I’m Alive!

There is lots to update you on. The Turkey Trot, hosting 13 people for Thanksgiving, the moving out of a roommate, studying for my paralegal exam and buying some new jeans.

All in good times, my friends! Just wanted to pop in and say hello!

Fuel for the Fire

If you haven’t noticed lately, I’ve felt rather….uninspired. I even contemplated quitting blogging for the first time this weekend. I do really enjoy it, but I haven’t been putting too much effort into it lately, or feeling like I have anything meaningful to share.

Well, it looks like the universe came through with one of the most solidifying event to happen to the healthy living blogging community since the Healthy Living Summit in August. A reporter for Marie Claire wrote an article targeting the “big 6″ in the healthy living community. If you read this blog, you read their blogs, and you’ve read the article by now. So I won’t even bother providing all the links.

The point to this post is this. As a member of this community I feel like I have a duty to stand up with the rest of my “blends” as Caitlin calls them (blogger friends), and provide an area where people can go to see what real healthy living is like. Day to day. After a huge weight loss, in the middle of overcoming disordered eating, and learning to find the right balance of mental, spiritual, and physical health to get to the best place I can be. It isn’t perfect. I strive to live a healthy lifestyle and struggle with disordered ideas about food. And that is okay to share with people.

One of the reasons I absolutely love this community is the LACK of drama. Today’s events have been really overwhelming. The last online community I was involved with was extremely fueled by drama and once it turned on me I had no choice but to leave. For my own sanity. For my own yearn for positivity.

Something damaging happened to us today. But we need to know that there will always be haters. Always. Let’s get back to what we are good at: keeping it real, and keeping things positive and uplifting. We may never overcome the beauty industry conglamerates of photoshopping and airbrushing and shoving models down the runway at 5’10 and 95 pounds. But we can show what we do every day, and that is we do our best to be happy, healthy, wholesome individuals. And the more people we touch with that, the better.

Fit Fun and Fabulous’s First Friday Giveaway!!

Okay, so it is Thursday. But the winner is going to be announced tomorrow, which is Friday. Make sense? From now on, giveaways will be announced during the week with the winner announced on Friday. Yay!


Ryan, from Pom Wonderful, found my blog and contacted me a few weeks ago. He offered to send me a whole case of Pom Wonderful and get my opinion on it. That is my first official blogging treat, and I’m so happy someone found my blog and wants me to try their product.

The paparazzi will be stalking me, soon, I can feel it. No? Okay.

Anyway, the package arrived last week and I couldn’t wait to try it! I had seen it around the blogosphere a bunch, and even some of my friends in the real world drank it. But I had never tried it before. Here’s what the website has to say about the tasty drink:

POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice is a little bit sweet, a little bit tart and a whole lotta healthy. Bursting with superior levels of naturally occurring antioxidants it’s 100% authentic, 100% delicious and 100% pure, meaning there’s no added sugar, colorants or cheap filler juices. We have also provided over $34M in funding to support scientific research on POM products at top institutions around the globe so raise a glass to life. And the pursuit of healthiness.

All of POM Wonderful Juices:

  • contain no added sugars, preservatives or colors
  • are a good source of potassium
  • are gluten-free
  • are flash pasteurized to retain both flavor and nutrients
  • are certified kosher (holler to my fellow tribe members!)

Also included in my care package was two samples of bars that the company offers. I didn’t even know they were a part of the bar market. Here are the ones I got (and ate):




The two bars were a little dry for my taste, but I did eat 1/2 of a bar at a time as a snack before workouts, or when I was feeling like I needed something to snack on. I probably would not go out and buy these on my own.

The juice is really tasty! It reminds me a lot of grape juice. I love that there were no added sugars, but it still was really sweet from the natural fruit sugars. It makes a great addition to your breakfast or lunch. I’d definitely look into buying these occasionally.

Giveaway Time!

Ryan was nice enough to send a huge box of Pom Wonderful for me to enjoy! So now not only do I get a sampling, but I want to share my stash with a lucky reader as well!

For your chance to win 5 (FIVE!!) bottles of Pom Wonderful, simply leave a comment on this post by Midnight CST tonight (Thursday) letting me know what would be your favorite way to enjoy Pom Wonderful. Do you want to drink it with your breakfast? Have it as a tasty afternoon treat? Drink it before a workout? Let me know!

For a second chance to win link back to this post on your blog! For a third chance to win, tweet about this giveaway on Twitter (RachelFitFunFab is my name there).

That’s it! Now get to leaving comments and I will announce a winner on Friday in my post! I will ship out the product to the lucky winner.


In full disclosure, I did not seek out this product, and was not required to do a post on the product or my opinions. I promise to always explain how I came across a product, give my honest opinion, and be truthful and forthright. Deal?

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